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Mission/Vision Statement

School District Mission Statement

The mission of the Elk Point-Jefferson School is to provide a safe environment where students will 
be empowered with knowledge and skills to successfully navigate life’s transitions and challenges.

School District Vision Statement

The Vision of the Elk Point-Jefferson School District is to equip our students to become
effective communicators and responsible citizens in an increasingly demanding society.

Individual School's Vision Statement

EPJ Elementary School’s vision will provide a positive introduction to the educational process in which learning is our everyday focus.

EPJ Middle School’s vision is to prepare responsible and respectful students using a challenging curriculum in a safe environment.

EPJ High School’s vision is to provide educational opportunities that challenge all students to communicate effectively and think critically in order to become productive citizens in a global society. 

ELK POINT-JEFFERSONSCHOOL DISTRICT 61-7   402 S. Douglas Street, Elk Point, SD 57025 Phone: 605-356-5950    Fax: 605-356-5999