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EPJ Livestream

EPJ Livestream

Welcome to EPJ Livestream Page

This page is intended to explain how events are livestreamed at EPJ.

Last updated: 8/16/2021

Elk Point-Jefferson School District utilizes the services of NFHS Network and Fuller Digital Solutions to livestream all of our events happening at EPJ.

Fuller Digital Solutions

YouTube channel -

Events Streamed: Majority of Varsity Games Home & Away

Fuller Digital Solutions is an outside company that provides a free of charge livestreaming experience to our Husky Nation. Fuller Digital Solutions will livestream a majority of our Varsity events throughout the school year.  They will supply a camera person and commentator to produce their livestream feed. They will utilize our school's YouTube page (Elk Point-Jefferson Huskies) for all of their livestream events.

Any questions or concerns about the livestreaming on our school's YouTube page should be directed towards Fuller Digital Solutions.

Fuller Digital Solutions
Phone: 712-225-2511

NFHS Network -

Events Streamed: Sub Varsity, Junior High, & Fine Arts

The NFHS Network is a streaming service that the school has acquired that utilizes the NFHS Network's Pixellot Camera system. The Pixellot Camera is an automated camera system. The Pixellot camera has an auto-tracking feature that enables the camera to follow the action (panning and zooming) without someone operating the camera.  The NFHS Network & Pixellot Camera will livestream all of our home Sub Varsity and Junior High sporting events that are played in our Middle School and High School gyms. The NFHS Network and Pixellot Camera will also livestream any Fine Art event hosted in our MS or HS Gym. 

All of these events can be watched on the website.  You will need to create a NFHS account in order to watch, but the EPJ School District has purchased a subscription package through the NFHS that allows the viewer to watch all of our Home events free of charge.  You DO NOT need to purchase a Monthly or Annual pass to watch any event that is hosted at the Elk Point-Jefferson School District.  If another school district that EPJ is playing is using the NFHS to stream an event at their school, you may be required to purchase a Monthly or Annual pass to watch their event. Our subscription package only covers Home events.

Any questions or concerns about the livestreaming on the NFHS Network should be directed towards
Justin Clercx, Activities Director, or Myles Larsen, Technology Director.