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Past Yearbooks

Elk Point, Jefferson & Elk Point-Jefferson Yearbooks

*We are missing Yearbooks from a few years and if you have a hard copy from that year, please contact the Library (Shealee Behrens) so we can digitalize it and preserve history. We are also working on trying to get Jefferson Yearbooks digitalized.

    EP-1960 EP-1970 EP-1980 EP-1990 EPJ-2000  
  EP-1951 EP-1961 EP-1971 EP-1981 EP-1991 EPJ-2001 EPJ-2011
EP-1942 EP-1952 EP-1962 EP-1972 EP-1982 EP-1992 EPJ-2002 EPJ-2012
EP-1943 EP-1953 EP-1963 EP-1973 EP-1983 EP-1993 EPJ-2003 EPJ-2013
EP-1944 EP-1954 EP-1964 EP-1974 EP-1984 EP-1994 EPJ-2004 EPJ-2014
  EP-1955 EP-1965 EP-1975 EP-1985 EPJ-1995 EPJ-2005 EPJ-2015
EP-1946 EP-1956 EP-1966 EP-1976 EP-1986 EPJ-1996 EPJ-2006  
EP-1947   EP-1967 EP-1977 EP-1987   EPJ-2007 EPJ-2017
EP-1948 EP-1958 EP-1968 EP-1978 EP-1988 EPJ-1998 EPJ-2008 EPJ-2018
EP-1949 EP-1959 EP-1969 EP-1979 EP-1989   EPJ-2009