EPJ Notifications

How Notifications At EPJ Work

Here at EPJ we utilize a few different methods for our notifications.

The three primary methods are Apptegy App, Infinite Campus Messenger and the K-12 Distribution Group.

Apptegy App

Download the app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Allow notifications from the app in your settings.

Infinite Campus Messenger

*Used for No School, Late Start, Early Dismissals, etc.*

Infinite Campus Notifications are controlled by the parent/guardian using their Infinite Campus "Campus Parent" account (see below how to acquire an account if you don't have one). Each parent/guardian will use their own account to control their Contact Preferences in Campus Parent.

The school has the ability to enroll each parent/guardian's email in the system to receive notifications that way, but a parent/guardian must opt-in to receive an SMS text. There is no way for the school to automatically enroll everyone into receive SMS and must be done individually by the parent/guardian.

Linked below is instructions on how to edit your Contact Preferences in Infinite Campus (steps may vary slightly if Infinite Campus updates and changes their layout)

Infinite Campus Contact Preferences Tutorial
*Each Parent/Guardian should use their own login to update their own Contact Preferences

***Contact Preferences are different than the Campus Parent Notifications***

***Campus Parent Notifications are for Assignments, Grades, Attendance, Food Service, etc.***

***Push Notifications through the Campus Parent App are controlled by your settings in your smartphone. You must also checkmark "Stay Logged In" before signing into the Campus Parent App in order to receive the push notifications***

Campus Parent Account

To access your Campus Parent account, you either need to download the Campus Parent app from the App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone or use the link on the school's website. The link can be found in a few different locations but the easiest one is located on the homepage on the right hand side called IC Parent/Student.

Email ElkPoint-JeffersonTechHelp@k12.sd.us and request an Infinite Campus "Campus Parent" account.

  • An account will be created for you and will be sent back to your email supplied in the enrollment paperwork (for security reasons).

  • A temporary password will be created and must be changed upon first logging in.

K-12 Distribution Group

The K-12 Distribution Group is an email group that is controlled by each building's secretaries. This is used to send out school specific announcements and things related to each school. When you enroll or your child moves from Elementary to Middle School or Middle School to High School, our secretaries go through and add/remove your email from their distribution list.

If you are not receiving the announcements (MS/HS daily, Elementary every other day), please contact the building secretary and they can work with you to get your email added to the distribution list for that school.