EPJ Planbook Parent View

Here are the links to every teacher's Planbook Parent View for parents to view what is happening in their child's classes for the week
*Students in Grades 6-12 will have their own logins where they can receive Join Codes from their teachers to add their specific classes to their own login - Currently this is only for students

EPJ High School Planbook Pages

Ms. Ahmann
Senor Kirkegaard
Mrs. McMeekin
Mrs. Otten
Mr. Severson

Mrs. Brunick
Mrs. Kuper
Mr. Nolz
Mr. Pohlman
Mrs. Sorum
Mr. Terry

Mr. Haberling
Mrs. Leichtenberg
Mrs. Norris
Mr. Ronning
Mrs. Stabe

EPJ Middle School Planbook Pages

Mrs. Goehring
Mrs. Irlbeck
Mrs. McMeekin

Mr. Haveman
Mrs. Langle
Mr. Olson

Mr. Homan
Ms. Loiland
Ms. Peirce

EPJ Elementary Planbook Pages

Mrs. Attema
Mrs. Hartog
Mrs. Hinds
Mrs. Limoges
Mrs. Meins
Mrs. Neuharth
Mrs. Schuldt
Mrs. Westin

Mrs. Eriksen
Mrs. Harvey
Mrs. Homan
Mrs. Love
Mr. Neuharth
Mrs. Ronning
Mrs. Sexton
Mrs. Wolforth

Mrs. Goehring
Mrs. Helling
Mrs. Kuper
Mrs. Marasco-Ayau
Mrs. Neuharth
Mrs. Schmitz
Mrs. Tatro
Mrs. VanWyk