Board of Education

School Board Members

Travis Geary - Board President - Current Term: 2022-2025 - First Year Served 7/1/2016
Committee Assignments: Budget/Negotiations & Facility/Grounds

Sabrina Sayler - Board Vice President - Current Term: 2023-2026 - First Year Served 7/1/2017
Committee Assignments: Policy, Public Relations & Technology

Tim Brewer - Board Member - Current Term: 2024-2025 - First Year Served 7/1/2018
Committee Assignments: Facility/Grounds & Technology

Noelle Jacobs - Board Member - Current Term: 2023-2026 - First Year Served 7/1/2020
Committee Assignments: Curriculum & Budget/Negotiations

Kyle Hanson - Board Member - Current Term: 2024-2027 - First Year Served 7/1/2024
Committee Assignments: Curriculum, Policy, & Public Relations

School Board Meetings:

Board Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 5:30 PM in the High School Study Hall. This is not a definite time, date or location as it can be subject to change. Please check the school calendar a few days prior to the 2nd Monday of the month for the accurate date, time and location. Meeting dates, times and locations are always posted at least 24 hours in advance.

Board of Education - Statement of Philosophy

Learning is a lifelong task; learning is not an activity that discontinues after graduation. Being a part of today's society, which includes a transition from an industrial society to an informational one involving ever-changing high technology advancements, further solidifies the philosophy of lifelong learning. Therefore, the board will provide an educational environment that promotes and enhances learning as a lifelong endeavor.

The board will strive to provide a well-rounded curriculum based on the fundamental skills of learning in the elementary grades and for the same teaching of more abstract and more highly organized subject matter in the junior and senior high school. In addition, the board believes that education is not just the development and refinement of mental abilities but a process that assists the students in meeting their physical, social, aesthetic, and emotional requirements.

The board will also provide for students with special needs in every way possible within the district's abilities. In either end of the abilities continuum, whether being gifted in some area of discipline or in need of resource room assistance, the faculty will seek to serve each individual student's needs within the bounds of time and reason.

The administration has the obligation to enforce policy, provide for academic leadership, and disciplinary rules for the efficient operation of the entire school program. The teacher is the most significant influence in the school on the individual student and must, therefore, possess and demonstrate dedication, enthusiasm and sensitivity. All personnel must be examples of proper behavior by showing respect for rule and regulations and by showing control of temper. It is primarily the teacher's responsibility to provide the learning environment in the school that fosters maximum student growth and reflects individual differences.

It is further realized that for a quality education to occur, a mutual rapport among the home, student, staff, administration, school board, and total community must be developed.

The board and administration shall aim to not only provide for current school programs, but also through competent decision-making and goal-setting techniques, will strive to prepare the students for the future.

Board of Education - Goals & Objectives

Recognize, retain and recruit high quality staff.

Continue to provide a safe and clean environment where students and staff excel at high levels and are comfortable to take risks in their learning.

Maintain and improve fiscal stability in the face of the uncertainty with state funding.

Evaluate the needs of the school facilities at EPJ to support current and future educational needs.

Support the utilization and integration of instructional technology resources that EPJ currently has in the school at all levels to promote a successful teaching and learning environments.

Effectively communicate with staff on board goals and objectives.

Elk Point-Jefferson School District Mission Statement:

The mission of the Elk Point-Jefferson School is to provide a safe environment where students will be empowered with knowledge and skills to successfully navigate life’s transitions and challenges.